May 1, 2015: Y-DNA67 results from!
Haplogroups: ISOGG - R1b1a2 / FTDNA - R-M269

June 6, 2015: R-DF27 results from
Haplogroups: ISOGG - R1b1a2a1a2a / FTDNA - R-DF27

October 5, 2015: Big-Y results from
Haplogroups: R-FGC23071

October 13, 2015: Imported into R-P312 Big Tree at
Position:  R-P312/S116 > ZZ11 > DF27/S250 > ZZ12 > FGC23071 > 6704205-G-A

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Quick Reference Misc Hurricane Links & Info.

"Plan A" is to travel to the Atlanta area via this route
"Plan B" is to travel north to Virginia via this route

SCDOT Map - Route Status

2017 Hurricane Season

  • NOAA Interactive Maria Map
  • NOAA Interactive Jose Map
  • NOAA Interactive Irma Map

    Berkeley County Hurricane Irma Updates

    Berkeley (SCC015) Watches, Warnings or Advisories here

    SC Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) here

    Sangaree Information here

    National Weather Service here

    To track the storm status go here

    SC Department of Safety link here

    Historical Hurricane Tracks here

    Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma